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Sensible Settings

The setting is the physical place where your story will be taking place. If you are writing about a setting that you are unfamiliar with then research it. The setting of my series is the desert. Having never been to a desert before I had to research what the Kalahari Desert is like and the…

I Like Your Tone

Tone and voice are two separate literary elements but for the purpose of saving time I’m defining and explaining both in the same post. Tone is regarded as the attitude of the writer toward a subject or audience. The manor in which the writer approaches the common theme or subject matter is the tone. Tone…

The Real Beginning

Having just wrote a prologue for the first book in The Meer series, I am writing only from personal experience. I have never stumbled across (yet) any advice for authors specifically on how to write a prologue.  That’s why I decided to write this article on prologues. If you want to include a prologue in…

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