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Conflict In Real Life (Well, Real Enough)

What generated more conflict in “The Lion King”, Scar or Simba’s guilt? Answer: Neither. They both contribute to Simba’s overall conflict. Why? In Disney’s “The Lion King” (spoiler alert!) Simba blames himself for his fathers death, when really it was the antagonist of the movie, Simba’s uncle Scar, who was responsible. Throughout the movie Simba…

Apollo Invents Yo-Yos

Apollo was disappointed to find only Ares in the meeting hall of Olympus as he entered; his newest invention secured in his hand. Ares didn’t notice him at first, the god of war was pacing and muttering to himself. “If the Spartans attack the Athenians again then there will be another ten-year war, but if…

Apollo Invents Ice Cream (And Vampires)

Apollo brandished a clay bowl in the palm of his hand, inserting it into his twin’s face. Artemis’s silvery eyes crossed as she tried and failed to determine what inhabited the bowl. “Apollo,” she pushed the bowl away with one finger as if it was infectious, “what is that?”             Apollo lifted his prominent nose….

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