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Being A Better Reader

“When the world becomes a fantasyAnd you’re more than you could ever be‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide openAnd you know you can’t go back againTo the world that you were living in‘Cause you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open….” ~ The Greatest Showman, ‘Come Alive‘ Reading is a very important part of almost everyone’s…

Getting The Word Out

Some first time authors (myself included) may feel overwhelmed when they think about publicizing and marketing their book. Some might even shy away from these topics because writing that comes from your heart shouldn’t be all about the money right? Well, yeah if you are writing solely for the money then in my opinion you’re…

Inspiration Strikes Twice

We’ve all heard the saying “lightning doesn’t strike twice” (which is actually not true, at least in the literal sense), lucky for us writers inspiration does! No matter what sort of funk you get yourself in or how deep your doldrums are, as long as you are open to it then inspiration will come again…

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