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The Positive Change Arc

Now that we are wrapping up the steps you’ll need to take when planning, crafting, and writing the beginning of your novel let’s get into the details of the positive change character arc. There is more than one type of character arc that your protagonist can follow (as in the negative change arc and the…

In Pursuit of Believing

This is something that can get tricky. If you’re writing a fantasy novel of some kind then you are probably going to have to create an ideology for a group of people, animals, or things. In my case, writing about a society of meerkats, I had to think about what these creatures believe. I asked…

Conflict In Real Life (Well, Real Enough)

What generated more conflict in “The Lion King”, Scar or Simba’s guilt? Answer: Neither. They both contribute to Simba’s overall conflict. Why? In Disney’s “The Lion King” (spoiler alert!) Simba blames himself for his fathers death, when really it was the antagonist of the movie, Simba’s uncle Scar, who was responsible. Throughout the movie Simba…

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